They were actually giving this one away for free. Thought I’d check it out.

“Robbing a dead statue like that. You should be ashamed.”

Model Operandi

Square Head Entertainment (September, 2006)


Model Legsy Diamond is about to have a bad night thanks to a revenge plot, a big-breasted bodyguard from Ireland, the Interpol agent she’s supposed to have a blind date with, family issues, and a lot of explosives. There’s also that stolen necklace.

To be honest the first chapter almost lost me. It started off with two French policemen talking about that bodyguard’s large boobs, and I was sure it was going to go downhill after reading her name was Ann Lezbee. Throw in the supermodel angle and you can guess how this could go downhill fast.

However, the story took a good turn after that with fun characters, plot twists, and certain tropes of these kinds of stories by-passed. (For example the manager isn’t a scumbag.) It all came together to be a very good read and one I recommend. You can find the graphic novel here. I think. Site hasn’t updated since last year.

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