“If Captain Marvel can do it….”

Superman Annual #1

DC Comics (October, 2012)

“Protector of the People”
PLOT: Scott Lobdell
SCRIPT: Fabian Nicieza
ARTISTS: Pascal Alixe with Marco Rudy, Tom Raney, Elizabeth Torque, and Mico Suayan
COLOR: Blond
COVER: Kenneth Rocafort
EDITOR: Eddie Berganza
“SUPERMAN” CREATORS: Joe Shuster & Jerry Siegel

It’s a quiet day in Metropolis as Clark thinks about how flying is normal but just walking is exciting (so many comments I want to make) when Helspont decides to fly his ship over Metropolis. This leads to Helspont beating the crud out of Superman while still running on about wanting to recruit him. His agents do the same recruiting plan to Hawkman, Starfire, and the Martina Manhunter. Also a cameo by Grifter and Deathblow (even Superman has to comment on how stupid that name is as Biomass rips the hull of the spaceship they’re in open) as well as the surprisingly boring origin of Helspont.

I don’t usually make snarky comments or review analysis in the synopsis, but that gives you an idea of how I felt reading this thing. Helspont’s origin is meh, the fights are decent until you realize that Superman is getting his “S” kicked throughout his own annual, and there’s the same kind of “conversation” Supers and Helly had in their last meeting. Even the art can’t save this because Superman barely emotes the whole time. The only decent artwork (perhaps by one of the “helper artists”) is when a bikini-clad Starfire is in a fight that consists of her being chocked and let go because she’s one of the chosen. This is one of two pages she is in.

Overall, this kind of confirms what we’re going to be getting from Superman stories in the future. That means that World’s Finest is the ONLY New 52 comic currently on my pull list. I have the strangest feeling I’m just counting down to the end of that, if history is a decent teacher.

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