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I didn’t get into Twitter for the longest time. Mostly because time was something I lacked. And something I lack again now that I have bosses who actually want to employ me again rather than screw me over. Eventually I found it was a good source of information and to get it out to the masses. Plus there were good ways to promote and network. There were advantages and I took them.

(I’m still staying off Facebook. I may be missing out on a few things but whenever I consider it I hear some new questionable move on their part. I have Google+ and I barely use that. Haven’t use my MySpace page in years.)

Now there are three things you can do on Twitter besides make your own postings. You can reply to others, or you can retweet them, repost others’ tweets. This might lead people to check them out or see comments they wouldn’t otherwise. However, once they’re off your timeline, they’re gone for good. Thus the third option: favorite. The tweet is still in the system; you just can’t see it…unless you add it to your favorites and I don’t favorite every tweet I see.

Just because I need a good laugh tonight I decided to take a look into the tweets almost forgotten. In other words, here are not all but some of my favorite tweets from my Favorites list. See if you know anyone.

We begin with one of those interesting problems that comes up when your a comedic critic:

Despite what your hashtag says, I don’t believe context is for the weak, so here’s what he was talking about. And I just stopped writing this article long enough to watch it. He also offered this gem a few days later:

I also follow the occasional celebrity.

I’m pretty sure this made more sense following our conversation. But I think you get the main point.

Occasionally bloggers and celebrities I don’t follow are retweeted by people I do. That leads to favorites like this.

Some people I follow remind me not to tweet about personal stuff. It could be embarrassing later when some guy wants to get an article up but isn’t having a good idea that night.

And we all have stories like this.

(oh, I’m sure they thought you were insane a long time ago)

(that’s his dog)

And sometimes you just need a good laugh.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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