“You think the maid is bad here? This was this hotel we stayed in once…”

Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who – Assimilation 2 #4

IDW Publishing (August, 2012)

WRITERS: Scott & David Tipton with Tony Lee
PENCILER: Gordon Purcell
COLORIST: J.K. Woodward
EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton

When the Cybermen and Borg suddenly leave a planet, the crew goes to investigate and learn that the Cybermen have turned against the Borg utilizing stolen Borg tech and now appear to be headed to the Borg homeworld. The Borg actually turns to the Enterprise crew for help, but after calling Picard “Locutus”, and to the surprise of the Doctor, he refuses to help.

What they got right: The Doctor Who characters feel like they’re guest-stars in a TNG episode, and while you’d think this is in the wrong category, this is their universe, not the Doctor’s. It’s not like he isn’t an important part of the story, but it seems to make sense. Also, the Doctor meeting Guinan was a good moment and they both realize something is wrong, the Doctor’s subplot not being left behind in basically the main TNG plot. I think what I like is how well the two hero groups are interacting. Picard is still wary of the Doctor but knows an ally when he see it and the Doctor is showing some respect to the Enterprise crew while still sticking his nose in everywhere. Or maybe he’s just more distracted by how he knows things he shouldn’t know, confirmed by Guinan knowing about the TARDIS.

What they got wrong: The Doctor insists that Rory and Amy come along when they beam to the planet…and then the two do pretty much nothing of importance or that couldn’t have been done with the rest of the Away Team. You know, there are times they do their own thing in a story. This may have been a better time for Troi to have a chat with the Williamses. (Or Ponds, whatever.)

Recommendation: This is more and more becoming the right way to do a crossover. If they’d just drop the painted look, like the flashback scene in an earlier issue when the Fourth Doctor met the original crew, I might enjoy this even more.

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