Justin Carmical, known to the reviewing community as JewWario of  Channel Awesome and Retroware among other sites, is looking to create his own tokusatsu series, FamiKamen Rider. As this goes to post he is two days away from his goal of gaining funding for the show and has already hit his target. While he has done the character in review form he wants to do a regular adventure series. You can see the reviews here but you may want to start with the origin.

For his two-year anniversary, we learned that “J-Dub” was the Warion, a legacy of warriors created to face off against an ultimate evil. When he ends up losing those powers, fate grants him the power of the FamiKamen Rider (which if you haven’t guessed by now is an homage to both the Kamen Rider franchise and the Famicom, the original Japanese name of the first Nintendo Entertainment System) to win the day. He has been gathering writers (and I could write a decent script I would have volunteered–maybe if he wants a comic spinoff?), costumes, and other things in preparation for the series and as of this writing (it may be even more by post time) he is over his intended goal, and plans some bonus guest-stars if he goes far enough over.

Since I don’t have permission to host the videos here at the Spotlight, take a look at what he can do with the series with the introductory story, the third-year anniversary film Death of the Warion [part 1|part 2]. If the series is half as good as this, it may get its own Spotlight in the future. I’ve also made this promise:

Now it’s official. By the way, who else is looking forward to seeing JewWario on a motorcycle? You can’t be a “Rider” without a ride, you know?

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