The Ghostbusters, as their name suggests, bust ghosts. The supernatural they’re used to. Aliens, however? That’s another story.

Winston is taking a well-deserved vacation, but since we’re actually following him in tonight’s entry, you can guess that it’s not going to be very relaxing. He ended up in a community of space aliens, with their sworn enemy in their midst ready to strike. And since this is the Friday Night Fights, you already know they found him.

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“Double M” round 9

The Battlefield: The Real Ghostbusters #18 (NOW Comics; February, 1990) “Creeping Suburbia”

The Promoters: James Van Hise (story), Philip Hester (penciler), Jim Brozman (inker), Joseph Allen (letterer), and Suzanne Dechnik (colorist)

Winston and two of the “native” space folk have come across the hunter, disguised as an old man. He knows the other two are from another planet. What he doesn’t know is that Winston isn’t.

"You didn't just melt my insides, did you? I kind of need them."

“You didn’t just melt my insides, did you? I kind of need them.”

Since his weapon doesn’t work on humans, the hunter decides to go old-fashioned…with his claws.


The sad part? He just watched “Signs” last night.

The other Ghostbusters, tracking space communications, arrive to stop the hunter’s friends, but this fight really goes to Winston.

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click to vote in this week’s tournament

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