"I've come to warn you about a man named...Dan!" "Not now, we're comparing scars."

“I’ve come to warn you about a man named…Dan!” “Not now, we’re comparing scars.”

You know me, I don’t enjoy seeing heroes fighting heroes. This is why superhero fighting games don’t interest me. I want to see heroes fighting villains and not each other. One of the reasons I prefer DC over Marvel is that their heroes usually get along, so when a misunderstanding occurs it’s not a trope that they start fighting. Well, that’s how it used to be. At least since Infinite Crisis, and especially in the New 52 (I made a joke on Twitter that the Avengers are getting along better than the Justice League right now and that’s just not right) the DC heroes don’t quite get along in general.

However, my problem with Injustice: Gods Among Us is the story that leads to heroes fighting. While that’s whole other rant, it does lead to tonight’s link. It seems to be universally recognized that Batman can defeat Superman. He was the one who beat Darkseid in Final Crisis and he could probably defeat Galactus in a fight if the internet is too be believed. Of course if the internet is to be believed Chuck Norris could defeat Galactus so take that for what it’s worth.

This statement underestimates Superman’s intelligence. People forget there is more to Superman than “powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men”. Clark Kent grew up on a farm and learned a few things there. He traveled the world just like Bruce did and learned a lot of things. When his powers fail him he uses his brain to overcome any threat he can’t punch. He’s also an investigative reporter and one of the best, with only Lois arguably better. So who will speak for the Man of Steel?

Enter Joe Vargus, aka “Angry Joe” of the Angry Joe show. Taking the opportunity of a poll used to promote Injustice, Joe goes over why Superman could actually beat Batman, even if he has all the prep time he wants. He sets some ground rules to keep things as fair as possible. Watch it with an open mind, and don’t forget to scroll down and read the article attached to it where he expands on a few thoughts.

Also check out his review of the game. It does look fun to play but we disagree on the story. He’s seen the whole thing but sometime you CAN judge a story by concept and even favorable reviews can sometimes convince me this isn’t the game I want to play.

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