The last time the Maid of Might appeared in the Friday Night Fights we saw her like this:


Well, I’m not one to leave heroes in the lurch, so I picked up the next issue to see how Supergirl got out of this mess. As you may or may not recall from the previous installment, Supergirl’s first day in Chicago (her new home) has been…interesting. She made new friends, a new potential stalker (you didn’t think that chump from Darkseid who stole the name of the first superhero I ever created as a kid was the first did you?) and her first new supervillain. Rather busy day for our little Kara.

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Mosquito” round 2

The Battlefield: The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #2 (DC Comics; December, 1982) “Crisis Over Chicago!”

The Promoters: Paul Kupperberg (writer), Carmine Infantino (penciler), Bob Oksher (inker), Ben Oda (letterer), and Ziuko (colorist)

You know what you don’t do when you have your superpowered superheroine trapped in your mental powers? Let her wake up to see all the devastation you’ve caused!

Supergirl struggles against Psi (from The Daring New Adv. Of Supergirl #2)

Ooh, the language.

And there’s a reason she’s called the Maid of Might.


This is why Psi sucks at being Firestorm.

And although she’s still willing to try and talk some sense into Psi she’s also mad enough to pound some of it in, too.


Wait, did she get two shots in or has she been punching her all this time?

Psi fights back and gets some good shots in, even blocking Kara’s heat vision. That’s not lasting long.

Magneto called. He says you suck at reverse mutant racism.

Magneto called. He says you suck at reverse mutant racism.

At this point, Gayle starts realizing that Supergirl may have a point, but so does Pendergast, the voice in her head. The resulting conflict causes a psychic burst that lets her get away. Still, I think the Girl Of Steel gets this one.

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click to vote in this week’s tournament

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Hey, I made it the entire article without a Psy reference! WOOO! Wait, does this count?

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