The Transformers #22

Yes, this was a “cover theme month” for Marvel Comics Group.

The Transformers #22

Marvel Comics (November, 1986)

“Heavy Traffic!”
WRITER: Bob Budiansky
PENCILER: Don Perlin
INKERS: Ian Akin & Brian Garvey
COLORIST: Nel Yomtov
EDITOR: Don Daley

After recounting how Circuit Breaker took down the “Cybertron 7”, we see Skids and Donny being sent to track them down. Meanwhile, Optimus has been hit with one of Bombshell’s cerebro-shells, but instead of taking over Optimus it allows Megatron to access the Creation Matrix when in use, leading to the creation of the Stunticons. When Skids ends up earning some good press for the Autobots both the Stunticons and Circuit Breaker (and her RATT team) only see a new target. But Donny, only seeing dollar signs, turns Skids in.

What they got right: Skids and Donny make an interesting pair, and I kind of wish we saw more them, maybe making the hunt a subplot. (Of course with today’s comic writing style it would still be the A plot…and last about five issues.) RATT offered an interesting “third column” to the story and I do like to see the humans finally taking part in a war on our own planet.

What they got wrong: That said, it saddens me that they end up only attacking Autobots. Personally, I’d go after the more aggressive bunch since they’re causing more damage, but Circuit Breaker apparently likes the easy opponents who don’t fight back. Also, Skids has a manual shutoff that Donny has to push to shut Skids down and turn him back on. That seems like a strange design, and is just there so Donny can turn him in easier.

Other Notes: RATT will become a big threat, mostly for the Autobots sadly (I didn’t say Budiansky was perfect, just that I enjoy his take more than Furman’s), for most of Budiansky’s run. We see the early stages of Walter Barnett, Triple-I’s liason with RATT and future leader, questioning the official stand that all the Transformers are a threat. And let’s just get this joke out of the way right now and never bring it up again, shall we?

Recommendation: A good formal introduction to the Rapid Anti-Robot Assault Team, and a must for Circuit Breaker fans. Worth reading.

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