Besides my weak drawing skills, although in my defense this was a rush job.

Besides my weak drawing skills, although in my defense this was a rush job.

I want to be proved wrong, but it looks like this crossover won’t be as cordial for the heroes as the last time Superman and He-Man met. But that’s a story for another time. Although in hindsight I made a mistake asking for this.

Friday is the debut in theaters for Man Of Steel, a movie cosplaying as a Superman film and rather poorly at that. However, since Superman is my favorite DC hero and much like the comic above I want to be proved wrong, I did go and get one of those early screening passes at Wal-Mart, so I’ll be seeing it Thursday night without being at the theater at midnight. I plan a v-log review but for all of this week the nighttime articles will be devoted to Superman and the guy in this movie whom I plan to call Steelman because he doesn’t feel like Superman to me. Again, I hope and want to be proved wrong.

  • The Clutter Reports: A repeat of a recent “Scanning My Collection” article where I look at one of my favorite Superman stories as Superman teams with Clark Kent.
  • Reviewers Unknown: Meanwhile, I posted a recent Clutter Reports article to RU, my review of the animated adaptation of All-Star Superman.

Best Scene of This Week’s Reviews

Godzilla #12

That's a cool transformation. Even Godzilla's going "oh #$#$".

That’s a cool transformation. Even Godzilla’s going “oh #$#$”.

As for next week’s reviews…I didn’t get a chance to get to the comic book store. Kind of a long story, but that means Yesterday’s Comics this week, except for possibly Friday when I’ll do the Man Of Steel v-log. (Depending on how things works out actually.) So for this week it’s long overdue…

It’s G.I. Joe AND The Transformers week!

I’ll be looking over the first crossover of Hasbro’s Marvel licenses as well as the surrounding Transformers comics. (I didn’t read G.I. Joe at the time and still don’t so I wouldn’t know what issues to pick up.) So it’s more reviews and more Superman than you can handle. Enjoy!

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