I swear, every picture I took of this guy came out this way!

I swear, every picture I took of this guy came out this way!

While I never saw the movies or read the original manga I really enjoyed the two seasons of Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex. So I was happy to hear that a new series is coming out. Ghost In The Shell: Arise is a prequel to the series and will show how the Major joined Section 9. What I’m assuming is BanDai’s official YouTube channel for Ghost In The Shell has released the first 8 minutes of the first episode.Remember to turn on the captions for English subtitles.

From the IO9 article I found about the show from and a summary by Anime News Network:

The anime’s story is set in 2027, one year after the end of the fourth non-nuclear war. Newport City is still reeling from the war’s aftermath when it suffers a bombing caused by a self-propelled mine. Then, a military officer implicated in arms-dealing bribes is gunned down.

During the investigation, Public Security Section 9’s Daisuke Aramaki encounters Motoko Kusanagi, the cyborg wizard-level hacker assigned to the military’s Secret Unit 501. Batou, a man with the “eye that does not sleep,” suspects that Kusanagi is the one behind the bombing. The Niihama Prefectural Police detective Togusa is pursuing his own dual cases of the shooting death and a prostitute’s murder. Motoko herself is being watched by Secret Unit 501’s head Kurutsu and cyborg agents.

IO9 and ANN also report that Funimation is going to be releasing the first two episodes (50 minutes each) in limited theatrical release and all four on blu-Ray (hey, don’t forget those of us stuck on standard definition–get some DVDs out there!). I hope they bring back the dub actors for this series as I can’t imagine anyone else speaking in those voices for an English dub.

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