First I have to apologize. I know I teased a commentary but I was too tired after work to make one. I want to do something for Independence Day tomorrow and next week is getting ready for ConnectiCon with the week after stuff from ConnectiCon. I still have the inspiration waiting so that commentary is still coming. Sooooooo

image source: NOT National Geograpic.

image source: NOT National Geographic.

By now my love of Godzilla should be obvious to all parties. This is my favorite movie franchise and I cannot think of a single Godzilla movie I hate. No, not even the one you’re thinking about. I’m one of “those” people. Our old topic buddy Matt Burkett shares that love of the Big G and along with one of his friends has begun a special series as part of his Monstrositites show where they will go through every Godzilla movie ever made and review it. (And don’t think I won’t do that once my collection is finally complete.)

In the first installment, to get you interested in watching his full show, Matt and Brian take on the original movie, because what better place to start?

You can catch more of Matt’s show over at his YouTube page and Brian’s opinions on his website. I also reviewed the original movie comparing the Japanese and American versions in a two-part article. The current videos up there are only previews as they’re only available to Hulu Plus subscribers, but the articles stand alone and I still consider them some of my best work. Also I reviewed the Criterion Godzilla over at The Clutter Reports.  Matt wasn’t wrong about how good the release is.

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