He-Man MOTU #4 (ongoing)

Well, it’s not like the new look was kept a surprise or anything. DC, you fail at marketing new looks!

He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe #4

DC Comics (September, 2013)

“Fires Of Eternity”
WRITER: Keith Giffen
PENCILERS: Pop Mhan & Axel Gimenez
INKERS: Pop Mhan & Coral Martinez
COLORIST: Kathryn Layno
COVER ART: Ed Benes & Randy Mayor
LETTERER: Saida Temfoonte
EDITOR: Michael McCalister

Adora/Despara keeps Teela in a cage and Teela’s comments open some doubts in the villainess. Back at Greyskull, He-Man/Adam is introduced to the secret of Greyskull, the spirit of the king the castle was named for, and as the Horde launches their assault, is given a new look. But what new powers come with it?

What they got right: Should have said this last issue, but glad the Sorceress still exists in one form or another. We get some character development with Adora and some hints as to what fans already know.

What they got wrong: I’m sorry, but I’m not buying Teela was ever nice to Mekaneck or that they were ever friends when Teela and Adam, who are SUPPOSED to be friends, aren’t. Especially the way she treats the poor guy. I think you actually made her worse. Also, we get this New 52-style redesign from Ed Benes, who isn’t even an artist on this series. Why? What was wrong with his classic look? What’s improved here? I didn’t like it when it was introduced and I don’t like it during it’s official debut.

And yes, I know He-Man has undergone redesigns for the He-Man and rebooted Masters Of The Universe lines (and the connected cartoons) as well as his various armors and specialty gear. I just don’t like this design and I don’t get why the Power Sword had to be forged by hand into this new look.

Recommendation: I still can’t give this a positive recommendation to MOTU fans. Non fans may get something out of it. It’s not incompetent (except for Teela’s portrayal) outside of being a questionable adaptation but I am not being convinced to stay around.

As much as I don't like the new look, how it was debuted was actually quite spectacular.

As much as I don’t like the new look, how it was debuted was actually quite spectacular.


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