Seems like an obvious question to me.

Seems like an obvious question to me.

I didn’t go for the Muppet easter egg I could have, but there is one. Who can find it?

So I returned from the Brass City Comic Convention. It was a good show and it expanded OK, but sadly not enough people showed up. They cancelled the last panel which I was looking forward to because nobody was there and the dealers and some of the guests packed up early. I hope it comes back next year because I liked it. We also lost Classiconn and it’s a shame that Waterbury, Connecticut, a city that has strong roots in the history of comics books, has so much trouble getting to a comic convention. What’s wrong with you people! Ah, well. I’ll keep you posted.

  • Reviewers Unknown: I’ve got an idea for the next installment of Captain PSA but nothing fleshed out yet. in the meantime I’ve exposed RU to our favorite Public Service Announcer.

Best Scene Of This Week’s Reviews

Godzilla #13

Now THAT'S a splash page!

Now THAT’S a splash page!

Are you really that surprised I went with that?

So things should be back to normal here at the Spotlight, at least until ComiConn next month. In the meantime I’ll be trying to catch up to convention footage from last year and this plus the usual commentaries and junk. Stay tuned, folks.

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