Doctor Who V3 #11

Bird watching is always a different experience with the Doctor.

Doctor Who Volume 3 #11

IDW Publishing (July, 2013)

“Sky Jacks” part 3
WRITERs: Andy Diggle & Eddie Robson
ARTIST: Andy Kuhn
COLORIST: Charlie Kirchoff
EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton

The Doctor has discovered that the Hypothetical Gentleman has taken over the TARDIS, trying to shunt all control to one of the old consoles. He wants to use the Eye Of Harmony to complete his trip to the real world but the TARDIS is fighting back. The Doctor and friends arrive at the old console to be greeted by the killer bird things, while the Gentleman has taken over the Matrix that resides in the ship.

What they got right: It’s about time someone remembered the Hypothetical Gentleman. We, the audience, were shown that he had infiltrated the TARDIS control a long time ago and he hasn’t done anything that we could tell up to this point.

What they got wrong: How the Doctor know the Hypothetical Gentleman is trying to take over the TARDIS? Obviously something is but while we, the audience, knows he infiltrated the console—the previous 11 Doctor’s console and not the early show consoles (First or Second I think, which are granted neat to see)–but at what point did the Doctor have that realization? And also, Clare shouldn’t know anything about the Hypothetical Gentleman since that was early in this volume, but with Amy and Rory, not Clare. Didn’t the writers try to alter anything to match the change of companion in the show besides having one less character?

Recommendation: There’s no Best Scene because the nitpicks don’t ruin the comic but it’s still just as uninteresting as the rest of this arc. Fan nitpicking shouldn’t be the most excitement I’ve had in this arc. Recommend avoiding unless you want to see how the Hypothetical Gentleman incident finally concludes.

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