It Girl & The Atomics #12

“Well I’m glad YOU”RE having fun….”

It Girl & The Atomics #12


Image Comics (July, 2013)

“Stop As You Meant To Go On”
WRITER: Jamie S. Rich
ARTISTS: Mike Norton (part 1), Natalie Nourigat (parts 2 & 4), and Chynna Clugston Flores (part 3)
COLORIST: Mallen Passalaqua
COVER ART: Michael & Laura Allred
EDITOR: Jamie S. Rick & Eric Stephenson
CREATOR: Michael Allred

In four mini adventures the Atomics deal with Ferret’s men (and may get a team member), capture Night Runner with the help of the KImmanDoes, and battle a guy who can bring mummies to life (one of which may be having his or her own adventure in the future).

What they got right: I do like a series ending that not only ties up their loose ends but does so right. And yet there is easily room for more stories featuring the Atomics in general and It Girl specifically.

What they got wrong: So why are they cancelling the series? OK, maybe it was always intended to be 12 issues but if they have more stories in them I wish they had done so. If not, at least it gets a good sendoff.

Recommendation: I really enjoyed this series, and that’s tough to say about superhero comics these days because they take themselves so darn seriously to prove how “mature” they aren’t. Definitely look this series up and now I have to put their earlier appearances in my list of back issues to get.

It Girl & The Atomics #12 Best Scene

Who knew skunks were so acrobatic?


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