For whatever reason we’re doing the Prize Fight a week earlier than usual. That’s fine. Next weekend is ComiCONN and I have to get stuff done before that, even with a short workweek at the (technically) paying job. Besides, the theme for the Prize Fight involved fighting bugs and coming off of last night’s Rifftrax Live of Starship Troopers that seems appropriate. I got into the Prize Fight with a little help from Anguirus. Well, for this one I’m bringing the Big G into the ring. As for bugs…

mosquito PFa

This one big enough for you?

Friday Night Prize Fight logo“Mosquito” Prize Fight!

The Battlefield: Godzilla #12 (Marvel Comics Group; July, 1979) “Beta-Beast”

The Promoters: Doug Moench (writer), Herb Trimpe (artist), Fred Kida (inker), Mary Titus (colorist), and B. Patterson (letterer)

Aliens kidnap Godzilla but for once it isn’t part of a plan to conquer us but save themselves. That means the big guy’s going up against the Beta-Beast. We already met him, so let’s kick his butt.

mosquito PFb

Awww, he just wants a hug.

That weird glow around Godzilla? I think that allows him to breathe. It’s never really stated as far a quick skin could tell.

mosquito PFc

Too bad it’s not a force field.

The alien bug-thing manages to get a few shots off on Godzilla but that never lasts long.

OK, if Godzilla needs that glow to breathe, how is he able to spit fire?

OK, if Godzilla needs that glow to breathe, how is he able to spit fire?

Thus proving again that no matter what planet he’s on, no monster can defeat Godzilla! Unlessshe’sprotectingheryoung.

click to vote in this week's tournament

click to vote in this week’s tournament

Head to and vote in the Friday Night Prize Fight! The winners of these 12 rounds have gathered together to bring the smack down in the hopes of winning an Amazon gift card, so vote carefully. And don’t forget to join in on the next tournament. We could use the competition.


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