Cyber Force V4 #5

“I hate family picture time.”

Cyber Force V4 #5

Image Comics/Top Cow (August, 2013)

PENCILERS: Khoi Pham & Laura Graga
INKERS: Sal Regla, Khoi Pham, & Laura Graga
COLORISTS: Arif Prianto & Andy Troy
SELECTED COVER ART: Marc Silvestri & Sunny Cho
LETTERER: Troy Peteri
EDITORS: Bryan Roundtree, Betsy Gonia, & Matt Hawkins

Our heroes make a last ditch effort to stop the Director’s plans as Ripclaw gets his revenge. Someone will die but where will that leave both sides of his war?

What they got right: The first arc wraps with only minor openings for the next series.

What they got wrong: Oh loo, implied rape. Again. The hell, Silvestri?

Other notes: This is the last issue funded by a Kickstarter. All future issues you’ll have to pay for yourself.

Recommendation: This really isn’t my kind of series, but there are some good things here which I’m sure will find an audience and deserve it. Give it a look, because you can’t beat the price, and see for yourself if you may want to buy future issues. It’s just not my thing.

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