Battlestar Galactica #3 (Marvel)

“Suzy, you’re date’s here!”

Battlestar Galactica #3

Marvel Comics (May, 1979)

WRITER: Roger McKenzie
ARTIST: Ernie Colon
EDITOR: Jim Shooter? The credits aren’t very good for this issue

After getting past the minefield, the Galactica arrives at Carillon, finding the mining colony has become a secret casino run by the Ovions. Starbuck finds the lounge act and sees them as a way to make money. Then the third episode comes in (which I reviewed here) and the truth of the Ovion colony is revealed…they’re working with the Cylons—and using humans for food! The fleet escapes, forced to blow up their potential fuel supply in the process.

What they got right: Pretty much everything they’ve gotten right so far, up until the last few pages. The lounge singers and Ovions resemble the show, although the girls are now green as well has having two mouths and long eyes.

As a reminder....

As a reminder….

What they got wrong: I don’t know what happened. Colon didn’t get to draw the Cylons in the previous issue, which is the first of the three he drew. So this our first look at his version and they just look off. The eye is too small and the face grill is now longer and thinner. It’s noticeable after the first issue got them so spot-on.  Also, this comic really needed a fourth issue to adapt this story since the events of part three are cramped together, partly due to needing space to finish part two. The character moments, like showing Apollo and Selina getting closer as well as Starbuck and Casseopeia, are lost because of it and since the next two issues will adapt the next story, the two-part “Lost Planet Of The Gods”, Also the scene where the one singer warns Starbuck and Boomer about the disappearances, which brings them to investigate. There was a lot in that final part and it really needed that extra space.

Recommendation: While that fourth issue would have been better, the three issues do a good job of adapting the pilot, which is surprising. (Again, check out their original adaptation of Star Wars…Dark Horse reprinted it a few year ago.) It’s worth looking for fans of the comics and show, if only as a refresher.

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