Battlestar Galactica #5 (Marvel)

Most of these covers seem to follow a pattern.

Battlestar Galactica #5

Marvel Comics (July, 1979)

“Lost Gods Of Kobol” part 2: “Death In The Family!”
WRITER: Roger McKenzie
PENCILER: Walter Simonson
INKER: Klaus Janson
COLORIST: Glynis Wein
EDITOR: Allen Milgrom

As the pilots recover from their illness, the Galactica traverses the void and finds Kobol, the true homeworld of the 12 colonies. However, they’re followed by the Cylons. Baltar tries to convince Adama that they have a shot at taking down the Cylon homeworld, even using the recently captured Starbuck as proof of his good intentions. But we never learn what the real scheme is thanks to Lucifer deciding to follow his own plan. In the confusion Serena (newly married to Apollo) is killed, since the actress was leaving the show, as I mentioned in the review of this episode.

What they got right: Somehow they managed some of my favorite scenes from the episode, like when Starbuck and Apollo are listening to the female fighter pilots chatter about their first battle from part one, or Boomer’s “the Viper is flown from the seating position” line. This issue felt less highlights-driven than the previous issue, finding time to include the marriage of Apollo and Serina after they thought Starbuck was lost.

What they got wrong: Although the extra time that should have been spent developing Serina in general and her relationship with Apollo being lost does hurt the impact of her death at the end. It feels only slightly less tacked on that it did in the actual episode but some of the emotional impact is lost. Again, I wish the comic had told some stories between the two adaptations and developed the relationship further, which would have helped this scene immensely.

Other notes: This is the last of the adaptations. Starting in issue #6 they started telling original stories, for better or for worse. This collection picks up again at issue #15, but i do have some issues before and after so I’ll be reviewing those in future “Yesterday’s Comics” features, while I’ll look at the compilation as a whole tomorrow.

Recommendation: I still say your better off with the episode and I wish Hulu still had them up but it’s a good adaptation so if you come across it it’s worth picking up.

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