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I’m not going to complain about a nice, quiet week after having spent all last week yet again chronicling the destruction of my favorite comic multiverse. However, I will use this opportunity to take a bit of weight off another project.

“Yesterday’s Comic” has been going over my collection of Marvel’s run on Battlestar Galactica as that’s where I am reading my old comics. Once I’m done I’m trying to decide if I continue on to Realm Press’s run, head back to Marvel’s Transformers, or go somewhere else for a while. What I do know is that there are three issues of Marvel’s Galactica that I’m missing and can’t review. However, this is a running storyline (or at least part of it is)so knowing what comes next is important. Previously I’ve only been missing one issue between reviews but now I’m missing three so I’m going to check out the Battlestar Wiki and at least see what I’m missing. And rather than give a quick synopsis in the #15 review tomorrow, I’m just going to put it here.

My comments are based on interpreting what I’m reading from the wiki. Someday I hope to get all the issues I’m missing and write a full review. For now, though, this will have to do.

So as you recall from this morning, Starbuck made a new friend who is willing to help the fleet stop the Cylons behind them for the scrap and is even willing to give up the ships they’ve stolen plus return the crews. The pirate queen, Eurayle, will even use her psychic powers to help free Adama…if Starbuck will stay behind. We pick up from there.

#12: The Trap

BSGW really doesn’t have a lot to say about this issue. Starbuck agrees, the Warriors and pirates team-up to stop the Cylons, and Eurayle awakens Adama. Frankly, that issue alone makes me want to get this comic. I’ve felt this subplot went too long and I was reading it daily. Imagine what it was like reading it monthly. Then the Cylons decide to ram a Basestar down the Galactica‘s throat. Cue cliffhanger.

#13: Collision Course

The two teams manage to not have Basestar for breakfast. Starbuck manages to sneak off, but the others don’t know this and he gets left behind. They have to resolve this somehow since Dirk Benedict is there for the rest of the series, but the “Starbuck gets left behind and presumed dead” plotline is one we’ll be seeing a lot of from this point on word. It was the plot for the one Galactica 1980 episode fans admit to liking, a Maximum Press miniseries, and two out of three issues of Dynamite’s first group of classic BSG comics. At least they know he’s alive for this one. Still, Scavenge World’s queen really wanted him there. Why is not really given in the synopses so I’ll have to wait until I get the comic to see why.

#14: Trial And Error

#s 13 and 14 are going to be my favorites, aren’t they. We finally get Adama out of that stupid machine and now we get out of the void! I praised the comic originally for filling in gaps, but this was too long. It didn’t take this long to go through the Void to reach Kobol, which I assumed was at the center. I guess it was actually just near the edge.

Maybe the comic will explain this better, but according to BSGW, the story is about Boxey missing Starbuck enough to try to steal a Viper to get him. Neither in the show nor the comics have I see Boxey that attached to Starbuck, though. They barely interact as far as I remember in the show, and I haven’t seen them together at all since Muffet 2 helped find the Space Mimic.

Ok, it looks like a merger Alf, Crow T Robot, and a panda.

I didn’t have a chance to grab more than one Muffet image since starting this site.

Oh, and Muffet 2 dies saving Boxey from space radiation…somehow. Apparently the Battlestar’s engine room isn’t up to code or something. I assume reading the comic will explain this. Personally, I think this was a bad idea. Not directly because Muffet is still in the show because I do know from looking ahead that they solve that problem with Muffet 3, but it means that Boxey isn’t as attached to the robot daggit as much as he was his own, and even then a new robo-Muffet was fine with him. I know some fans don’t like these two and maybe Roger McKenzie (who wrote this issue) felt the same way or something but it seems a waste. Muffet gives Boxey something to do since he appears to be the only kid to survive the original attack on the Colonies. (Seriously, I don’t remember a single other child or teen from the show and they certainly haven’t shown up in any of the issues I own from any company.) Muffet keeps him out of trouble, unlike counterparts like MASK‘s T-Bob, who gets constantly drawn into trouble by their owners. Plus they’ve show that Muffet can be an asset. In fact he was built to BE an asset, finding the ore they need or pointing out a shapeshifter isn’t the person they think it is.

So that’s the full catch up. I’m only missing one or two issues and I can do the catch-up thing then. This is just an easy way to point to what happens in the three issues until I can secure them for a proper review. #15 is up for tomorrow’s morning review.


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