Battlestar Galactica #11

Between Carillon and this place, Starbuck picks the worst casinos.

Battlestar Galactica #11

Marvel Comics (January, 1980)

“Scavenge World”
SCRIPT/PLOT/LAYOUTS: Roger McKenzie & Walter Simonson
FINISHES: Klaus Janson
COLORIST: Bob Sharen
EDITOR: Allen Milgrom

I don’t have issue #10, but according to the Battlestar Wiki, it was another Adama flashback tale. If you’re going to do one of these, how about one that affects the story? Like finding information about Earth, which is why he’s in there to begin with. How far back did this thing go, to his childhood? He wanted information from a FEW TIME CYCLES (days) AGO! I know it’s busted but shouldn’t he have seen the markings on Kobol by now? They didn’t have far back to go, and he should have been out long before Uri’s plan was put into effect.

This issue finds Starbuck, Athena, and Boomer continuing the search for the missing Fleet ships and coming across a tribe of scavengers living in the void. Athena and Boomer are brought down but Starbuck manages to stay conscious and escapes, winning a general rank in a card game. (This being Starbuck that’s not surprising.) He’s able to rescue his friends and win the favor of leader. She agrees to release the captured fleet ships, including the agroship, in exchange for leading the Cylons into a trap, to scavenge for part, and to help free Adama…in exchange for keeping Starbuck!

What they got right: Anything that promises to end the memory machine thing is fine with me. Starbuck is vintage Starbuck, there’s finally something going on in this void besides a lifeless shapeshifting vampire.

What they got wrong: Maybe it’s explained next issue, but why IS Starbuck the only one not affected by whatever whammy hit Athena and Boomer?

Recommendation: It’s nice to see them get back to telling a story that could come out of the show, and the sooner the memory machine is shut down the better. This is the beginning of the storyline and I believe the beginning of the end for the void. It is worth a look.

I do not have issues 12-14 and issues 15-16 are the last two stories in that trade. Tonight I’ll scour the Battlestar Wiki and make a synopsis of the events I’m missing (I can’t review it until I read the actual comics) so we can be all caught up. Unless someone gives me money to go buy new comics, the run-through of Marvel’s Galactica should end next week. Then I have to decide if I’m going to start on Realm Press’s run, go back to Transformers, or do something else for a while.

I accidentally ended up with a double of this comic, which is available at the Comics For Sale section of my other website, The Clutter Reports.


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