BW Panelling spotlight logoThere’s a Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, a hall of fame for various sports, and even an Internet Hall Of Fame. Or if your in the reviewing community there’s two. But there isn’t a hall of fame for comics. Well, someone’s planning to change that.

In second to last panel from last year’s Brass City Comic Convention, Roger Rautio shares his vision with comic fans. He’s gotten further since the video but I couldn’t get an update from him and this thing has been sitting on my hard drive long enough thanks to the issues I’ve been having. So here’s the hall of fame comic fans have been wanting.

You can follow the progress of the Comic Book Hall Of Fame on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

One more panel to go before we’re done with Brass City Comic Convention 2012 and one interview video (from ComiCONN) before we’re ALL done with 2012. Plus I’m still trying to find a job in my chosen field.

UPDATE Sept 25: The other guy’s name is Sean Russell. I just heard from them.


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