Oh, how I could go on.

Oh, how I could go on.

This nonsense that superheroes must sacrifice a personal life continues to bug me. No other law enforcer, rescue worker, or protector of the country goes without a family or friends. (Individuals, maybe, but not the entire group.) Superheroes are more flashy and more prominent as individuals. which is why most of them maintain a secret identity, but for each individual hero their alter ego serves a different purpose, most of them so they can have a personal life and loved ones. Theirs should not be any more isolationist than and soldier, cop, or firefighter and DiDio’s belief that they’ve given up everything that even a Catholic priest or nun keep around (and they don’t get married or filthy stinking rich) is ludicrous. Then again, the idea that superheroes are religious figures like the gods of Greek, Romans, and Norse shows how well they’ve missed the whole point. Thor was a bad influence, I think.

Reviewers Unknown got the same BW Panelling I had here yesterday and I’m sadly still not back to work on The Clutter Reports. There’s also no Best Scene because there’s still no new comics (because there’s still no job). I’m going to try a few things for supplemental income, like Amazon’s link program and signing up with a few pay to post article sites which won’t affect BW operations too much. I don’t know what’s going to happen with those, and I still have a lot of convention footage to go through plus some reviews I’ve been dying to get to. Things are still a bit rough right now. My Dad and Aunts collected my grandmother’s ashes today, too, and that just makes me feel weird even though they aren’t here.

I’m also going to tweak the site a bit. No, I’m not changing the theme again, but I do want to clean things up a bit. I’ve already made some minor changes.

Next week we’ll finish up our run on Marvel’s Battlestar Galactica, but that’s only four more issues I own out of the remaining comics. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet for Friday and Saturday. I can either start the Realm Press comics or go to something else and give you guys a bit of a break from the ragtag fleet. I’ll decide by Friday but suggestions are welcome. Do you guys like the look through Classic Galactica comics? Let me know in the comments. A new week beacons.


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