Battlestar Galactica #17

OK, who let Red Hulk into this comic? And why does he need a shave?

Battlestar Galactica #17

Marvel Comics (July, 1980)

“Ape & Essence”
WRITERS: Steven Grant & Walt Simonson
PENCILER: Walt Simonson
INKER: Kraus Janson
COLORIST: E. Grossman
LETTERER: John Costanza
EDITOR: Louise Jones

Seeking food for the colonies with the agroship damages, Apollo and a biologist named Enoch come across a fruit that holds potential, as well as a group of red ape-like creatures attack them and they flee with one injured ape creature along for the ride. On the ship Enoch learns that the apes may have been lost colonists turned into the creatures by the fruit, but when it rots the odor is overwhelming and makes people want to eat it, which happens to Enoch. However, he still has his intelligence, and escapes the Battlestar while the other one escapes and spills the fruit all over the lab. Enoch forces down Athena, Cassieopeia, and another pilot (with Apollo in pursuit) with plans to make become like him.

What they got right: I like the idea of this story. While parts of it have been done individually this combines the dangerous fruit and the people turning into monsters and trying to make others like him stories, and it works well.

What they got wrong: Why is Cassie one of the pilots? I don’t recall her ever getting pilot training. She’s supposed to be a nurse.

Other notes: According to the Battlestar Wiki, the ending sounds anticlimactic, with Enoch falling to his death. Hopefully the story turns out to be more interesting.

Recommendation: At least this first part of the storyline is interesting. Until I actually read #18 I can’t make a full judgement but I like where it’s starting from.



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