Thundercats Tigra

Here at the Spotlight we’re fans of unique ideas. Or at least the good ones. Tyger may fall into the “poor literacy is kewl” department,  but the presentation is something different, as a giant Tyger puppet slowly turns the 2d residents of a 3d city into jungle animals.

Me being me, I would have preferred a happier ending, where the tiger is stopped and the people restored but otherwise it’s different. The puppeteers appear on-screen but are covered so they only occasionally draw your attention from the fact that Tyger has no neck covering. Those are really the only problems I have with it as everything else is stylized and look fairly decent. You can see more from the director on his Vimeo page.

Directed by
Guilherme Marcondes

Guilherme Marcondes and Andrezza Valentin
Inspired by William Blake’s “The Tyger”


Sound Design
Paulo Beto

Voice and Effects
Tatá Aeroplano
Guitar, Bass and Drums
Ciro Madd
Moog, Guitar and Effects
Paulo Beto

Tiger puppet by
João Grembecki – Cia. Stromboli

João Grembecki
Cassiano Reis
Fábio Oliveira

Character Design
Samuel Casal

Character Animation
Birdo Studio

Cinematography and Camera
Pierre De Kerchove

Production Direction
Paula Madureira

Compositing / Editing
Guilherme Marcondes

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