Battlestar Galactica #20

She must really want to win that shopping spree!

Battlestar Galactica #20

Marvel Comics (October, 1980)

“Hell Hath No Fury”
WRITER/PENCILER: Walter Simonson
INKER: Klaus Janson
COLORIST: Steve Oliff
LETTERER: Diana Albers
EDITOR: Louise Jones

In the previous issue Starbuck arrives on the Galactica, having escaped from Salvage World., but Eurayle showed up to reclaim him. In this issue Starbuck and Apollo confront her. she needs to bring back Starbuck to reclaim her honor for his escaping him, but Apollo suggests a different tactic…a battle to the death! Eurayle wins but it turns out to be a ruse by the trio to restore Eurayle’s status as queen while allowing Starbuck to remain with the fleet. Also the story for the next two issues is set up as Adama sends Jolly undercover to break up a black market food ring aboard one of the ships.

What they got right: Continuity aside, Starbuck is one of the the original series’ most popular characters and taking him out of the book would have been a bad idea, so it’s good that they found away to bring him back, with the bonus of not waving off the Salvage World situation. It’s too bad that Eurayle couldn’t have been a recurring semi-ally for the fleet but I’m not sure how they could pull that off with Salvage World being back in the void. It was a good send-off for her.

What they got wrong: I have no complaints. They even though about how to fake Starbuck’s death.

Recommendation: I think this is my favorite story of the Marvel run, or at least the issues I have. Keep an eye out for it.


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