Battlestar Galactica #21

You misspelled “Athena”, cover..

Battlestar Galactica #21

Marvel Comics (November, 1980)

“A World For The Killing!”
WRITER: Steven Grant
PENCILER: Brent Anderson
INKER: Klaus Janson
COLORIST: Alex Miller
LETTERER: John Costanza
EDITOR: Louise Jones

During a patrol, Starbuck, Boomer, Apollo, and Athena take out a squad of Cylon, but Athena’s ship disappears. She ends up on a planet under control of…well, I actually did a Friday Night Fight about this a long time ago. As the last of his kind, he was responsible to help his kin travel to another dimension but he can not eliminate himself to join his people, and tries to get Athena to do it for him. Meanwhile, Jolly begins his undercover assignment, but one lady has already taken a liking to him…and she seems familiar.

What they got right: I like that Athena got her own story, and it shows how strong she is. Give her the dream castle and become her prince charming…and get hit upside the head because she knows immediately she’s being played. Lucky for Res, she was also compassionate enough to give him what he wanted.

What they got wrong: However, if only for a moment, she does switch to weeping mode. I’d blame the art, but the dialog indicates she’s suddenly all emotional. Granted he saved her life so I do expect her to soften a bit and hear Res out but that’s a bit overdoing it. (See the FNF link.) Also, as I said in the caption, the comic is ATHENA’S “most desperate adventure…”, not Apollo. He and Starbuck are barely in it, and just provide Athena a gun and a way home.

Recommendation: A fairly good story that’s worth looking into, but if not for Jolly’s story that is the main plot of the next issue I wouldn’t go hunting hard for it.

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