Don’t get excited. I”m still without an income. I either didn’t order this or my local comic store was shorted, I don’t remember which. Either way I didn’t get this when it first came out. Lucky for me Chris Giarrusso, the guy behind the series, was at ComiCONN again this year (while I was still employed) and I picked it up there. He even did a quick sketch of G-Man on the credits page. Class act, that Mr. Giarrusso.

G-Man V3 Coming Home

“Why DOES the SHIELD plane have that on top of the plane?”

G-Man V3: Coming Home

Image Comics (2013; collects all six issues of the miniseries in a slightly smaller form)

EDITOR: Branwyn Bigglestone

After the events of Cape Crisis, G-Man and Great Man finally return home, to find that three months have passed and the commander of the Suntroopers is anxious to have them brought back…dead or alive! (He’s worried because scraps of G-Man’s magic cape, like Great Man’s belt, can shut down their power suits.) Luckily the boys have the help of their friends and the new team-up of local heroes, the Thunderfriends, led by Captain Thunder. Too bad they can’t help when the brothers G must rescue their newborn brother from the stork.

What they got right: One thing that bugged me about Mini-Marvels was that the adults were all mean to the kids. I think i know what Chris G was going for there but I wasn’t into it. Here there’s a good balance. There are good and jerk scattered among the ages, which makes their antics more fun. And this comic is fun. I like the characters, the situations, and the joke are definitely funny. I also got the Super Friends reference with the “Thunderfriends”, and I wouldn’t mind seeing a back-up story or mini out of them. (hint, hint)

What they got wrong: We’ll just assume there’s a good reason this isn’t an ongoing series (which I would totally pick up if I had a job or BW was paying off) and move on.

Recommendation: This is what “all-ages” is all about. It’s fun for anyone of any age group even if kids are the focus. You should be reading all three of G-Man’s adventures. Like right now. Go.

Monday we’re back to the old comics from the longbox. We’ll resume Battlestar Galactica comic reviews with Realm Press’s run in October. I’ll explain tomorrow why there were no Friday postings, depending on current events.

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