Guess whose fighting a cold. I’ve decided to take a few days off to recenter myself, maybe come back on Saturday for Saturday Night Showcase. However, since I started this day I wanted to post something here and I thought this would work.


When it comes to the Z Fighters of Dragon Ball poor Krillin gets the shaft, especially in Dragon Ball Z Abridged from Team Four Star. It’s easy to forget when everyone has superpowers and for anyone who either didn’t come in on the original Dragon Ball or like me went back to watch it that Goku’s former rival turned best friend is only weaker than all the superpowered space aliens Akira Toriyama has brought out. After all, no matter how many characters they break out or the times they’ve tried to pass the torch the Dragon Ball franchise is Goku’s story, even when he’s dead…and Goku’s shooting for Optimus Prime stats without a multiverse.

However, like so many characters who get short changed so much that even the fans look down on them Krillin is not only the strongest full human on planet Earth but may actually stand a chance to some of these alien threats, even ones who once bested him. At least that’s what Laughingstock Media contends in the following video. I bet Krillin doesn’t get a cold shutting him down halfway through the week.

I think commenter A Happy Black Guy said it best in the comments: “I’ll say what I say every time when someone calls Krillin weak: Krillin is a level 99 player in a game full of cheaters, hackers and modders.” I don’t think he ever trained in higher gravity, and Guru’s potential unlock may be the only hack he ever received. Everything was his own training, whether with Roshi, Kami, or sparring with the others, if not on his own. Imagine if he had been one of the fighters to train with King Kai? He also managed to reform Android 18 and later married her when originally (or in another timeline) she and her brother killed him. That takes a different kind of strength. And don’t forget that time he beat Cell…technically.

Characters evolve over time. Scrappy-Doo became a good detective. Snarf beat Mumm-Ratwice! Rattrap within the course of half the first season of Beast Wars went from a character I hated to my favorite Maximal. Krillin started out weaker than Goku and killed off more than once but over time became stronger, more strategic, and is at least the strongest human in the franchise. I also wonder if Team Four Star’s running gag of the “Krillin owned counter” doesn’t also somehow factor into how he’s perceived? At any rate Krillin is stronger than you and most of the other Z-Fighters so show the man some of the respect he’s earned.

As for the sick leave I will be trying to figure a few things out and work on a few site-related things so it’s not like I won’t be doing anything, but I want to get rid of this while I can because I’ve had enough sick leave over the years and really don’t want to make a habit of this. I’m trying to create stuff here and now that all the surgery-related issues are recovered from I want to get to it already. Stay awesome, folks!

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