X-Factor #56

“Surprisingly warm night.”

X-Factor Vol.1 #56

Marvel Comics (July, 1990)

WRITER: Louise Simonson
PENCILER: Steven Carr
INKER: Allen Milgrom
COLORIST: Tom Vincent
EDITOR: Bob Harras

Psychic vampires called Ravens arrive in New York, feeding off of people’s misery. Meanwhile, a drugged and somewhat unstable Archangel is hunting down criminals and, while not killing them he is beating them rather brutally. and having no respect for the property damage. The two stories come together when Archangel stops one of the Ravens from killing a man who can tell they’re being attacked, destroying the creature which has a negative effect on all of them as they need each other to survive. The Ravens decide to have Archangel take his place but one is planning to drain him completely and be the only Raven left.

What they got right: The Ravens are an interesting foe for the X-Team, although they appear quite disposable. They work as a one-time foe and their last appearance is a few issues from this one according to the Marvel Wiki. The supporting characters like the lady cop and the subplot where Beast is unhappy with how his girlfriends is reporting on Archangel’s activities actually help the story along and give it a natural feel.

What they got wrong: Scott and Jean are estranged because of some other plot going on and I really don’t care. This soap opera stuff is why I don’t read the X-Comics.

Recommendation: It doesn’t excite me personally but objectively it’s a good story and Simonson is a writer whose work I tend to enjoy. For fans it might be worth a look.


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