Godzilla Rulers of Earth #4

“I knew that last burrito was a bad idea.”

Godzilla: Rulers Of Earth #4

IDW Publishing (September, 2013)

STORY: Chris Mowry (writer) & Matt Frank
ARTISTS: Matt Frank & Jeff Zornow
COLORIST: Priscilla Tramontano
EDITOR: Bobby Curnow

Godzilla awakes on the beach, followed by Destroyah. With a bit of ingenuity, and an assist from Mothra and her babies, our heroes stand victorious, but momma Mothra is injured. Meanwhile, our kaiju hunters find another new monster in China.

What they got right: The monster fight stays as good as IDW has been making them. (If only their Transformers was as good.) I like how we’re getting different human groups, and they seem to be smart enough to catch on that something is up. They could just as easily have ignored the idea of shapeshifting aliens until it was too late, but the higher-up is talked into the possibility in light of everything else that has happened since Godzilla first rose from the sea. Also, I’m pretty sure this is a whole new monster, and not one of the Toho monsters. I was hoping that would happen eventually.

What they got wrong: There’s still no explanation for why the monsters attacked the Earth before but are now acting as the protectors. Sure, I like seeing that, and I like seeing Godzilla and Mothra work together. It’s not my “Team Godzilla” concept but that was made from things I wanted to see in a Godzilla story and the important stuff is finally making an appearance. Not enough to claim they’re actually using “Team Godzilla”; they could just have the same influences I did from previous movies and Mowry comes off as a big G-Fan. But there should be a reason for the change in MO.

Recommendation: It’s a storyline set in the ongoing IDW Godzilla Universe that I have no real issues with. At last. Go get this comic!

Kaiju on our side? Been waiting for that concept.

Kaiju on our side? Been waiting for that concept.


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