Batman Long Halloween Comicfest

Not sure what to make of this cover.

Halloween Comic Fest 2013 – Batman: The Long Halloween Special Edition #1

DC Comics (December, 2013)

WRITER: Jeph Loeb
ARTIST: tim Sale
COLORIST: Gregory Wright
LETTERS: Richard Starking & Comicraft

The son of one of Thomas Wayne’s friends is now a mobster, hosting his nephew’s wedding. Also present is Selena Kyle and (checking license plates in the garage) Harvey Dent. Batman wants information on the mob, Catwoman wants the mob’s money, and when the two agendas collide and conflict, the mobster wants both their masked heads.

What they got right: The story itself is just a setup for the miniseries, later collected as a graphic novel, but it works okay in that regard. The art is also okay, with some good use of shadows…

What they got wrong: ….and a couple of points (like where Bruce and Selina started dancing) I wasn’t as happy about it. The storyline is setup but outside of a price on Batman and Catwoman I don’t see why they called it “The Long Halloween”. Maybe as the story goes on and “Holiday” appears we get a reason, but judging on this issue alone (a reprint of issue #1) and not having read the rest, as would be the case when the story originally came out, it doesn’t seem like a good title.

Recommendation: I haven’t read enough of the story to make a full judgement and maybe those of you who have could give a stronger recommendation one way or the other. Based on this, I would have remained curious but not really anticipating the next issue.


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