Doctor Who V3 #15

Matt Smith rethinks leaving the show.

Doctor Who Vol. 3 #15

IDW Publishing (November, 2013)

“Dead Man’s Hand” part 3
WRITER: Tony Lee
ARTIST: Mike Collins
COVER ARTIST: Mark Buckingham
COLORIST: Charlie Kirchoff
EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton

Clara gets Reynard on the good team, at least temporarily. The Doctor is convinced (after a virtual battle where he busts out his prior selves–it’s still 50th anniversary time, you know) that the Auditor is being controlled by someone else…someone with a huge grudge against the Doctor and an army of zombies ready to attack! The Doctor and Oscar rescue Edison…but they may be too late to save the Earth!

What they got right: Lee’s history with this series was paying respect to the series, both classic and new. The Doctors make a good case and even the appearance of the War Doctor makes the Doctors’ point about his history. Clara gets a lot to do, and Oscar (who I mentioned bears a striking resemblance to the 8th Doctor) gets to wear 8’s outfit.

What they got wrong: I must have missed or forgotten something, but how does this assessment work? And what’s really the point of it?

Recommendation: I’m going to miss this title, but I’m glad the best of the Doctor Who comic writers got one last shot at adding to it. Pick this up if you haven’t already.

Does this ever get old?

Does this ever get old?


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