Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle

We all love Christmas but there’s some non-Christmas work to do, too.

Constatin Film is a studio I’ve never heard of. But maybe getting the Tarzan license will help them out. A trailer was put out for a new 3-D animated Tarzan movie. So how does it look?

Visually it looks amazing. While they’re going with a photorealistic approach there’s still enough of the cartoony to stay away from the “uncanny valley” that plagues something like The Polar Express. The animation seems fluid and the characters a bit of life too them. So good job on them. Seeing Tarzan pulling off moves that most parkour participants would love to do wouldn’t work if you didn’t take some liberties with the real world.

The story seems to be set in modern times rather than the timeless or period approaches of previous animated Tarzan productions (Filmation’s and Disney”s) right down to Tarzan’s family crashing in a helicopter during what appears to be the meteorite landing that will become the story’s plot device. Sci-fi (or at least fantasy) elements are nothing new to the franchise as far back as the original novels so I don’t mind it that much. Set in modern times, going after the apes or some fabled lost city seems a bit odd based on modern culture so I can deal with the change. Die-hard Tarzan fans may be put off, though.

I see they’re also continuing the Tarzan/Jane romance, but in the novels and the Filmation series Tarzan and Jane never marry and actually don’t see each other again past their solo adventure together. Every other version–animated, live, or in comic form–goes for the romantic angle, but I’m curious if Constatin will take the leap and end this adventure with Tarzan and Jane parting.

So yes, I’m quite interested in seeing this movie. Will I go in 3D? Probably not, due to expenses and not usually getting a lot out of it. Plus wearing normal glasses all of the time makes it harder to put those things on. (They need to make clip-on ones or something.) Hopefully this will be good but we won’t know for sure until it comes out.

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