This week we go back to Jonny Quest, who went back to the…unreal adventures? I still don’t understand that title. At least the Real Ghostbusters did an episode where the movie was being filmed (although it was probably a swipe at Filmation’s Ghostbusters, who technically was there first). Oh well. At least The Real Adventures had their own virtual reality simulator…yeah, still not following.

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“Sugar Ray” round 8

The Battlefield: The Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest #7 (Dark Horse; March, 1997) “Family Man”

The Promoters: Shaun McLaughlin (writer) Jeff Johnson (artist), Perry McNamee and/or Jon Fell (colorists) and Tracey Hampton-Munsey

As you may or may not recall (if you saw Wednesday’s review) Jonny and Race went to the old Quest island base and found Race’s double, thanks to a classic show episode. Not-Race isn’t happy to see Real-Race.

Sugar Ray 08a

“I also don’t like the look on the other guy’s face. Because it’s mine, but with a big scar and…that hairstyle. What was I thinking? I wasn’t in the military anymore.”

Well, there’s only one way to prove which is the real Race Bannon…they have to have a race. (Bad pun in a reference only classic Transformers fans will get. Why did I post this?)

"I wanted a son!"

“I wanted a son!”

And that’s where he screwed up. Race always knew about Jessie but not who she was. Obviously Dr. Zin, who “programmed” Race’s double, didn’t know about Jessie because Jonny’s Golden Quest hadn’t aired yet to fridge Jonny’s mother. Seriously, why was she brought in having never been mentioned in either of the previous TV shows only for her to die in a way that Jonny was mad at his dad for most of the movie?

Sugar Ray 08c

Wait, how did not-Race kick Race? Race’s head looks like he was kicked on the left side of his face but the pose looks more like not-Race was going for the chin.

And not-Race gets away because you can’t chase a boat with a jet. For some reason.

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click to vote in this week’s tournament

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