The Transformers #37

Anybody remember Record Breakers: World Of Speed?

The Transformers #37

Marvel Comics (February, 1988)

“Toy Soldiers!”
WRITER: Bob Budiansky
PENCILER: José Delbo
INKERS: Ian Akin & Brian Garvey
COLORIST: Nel Yomtov
LETTERER: Bill Oakley
EDITOR: Don Daley

With the Autobots ignoring them, the Decepticons are free to run rampant across the country. (Nice job fighting Decepticons, Grimlock. Who’s in your way now?) Having had enough, Forsythe orders the captured Throttlebots destroyed on live TV. However, Barnett is finally convinced that the Autobots are on the level and smuggles them out in his son’s toy cars. Goldbug has him go the Autobots former ally, Buster. Ratbat and the Predacons follow, attacking Sparkplug and following Buster and Barnett to a mall when the Throttlebot toy cars’ batteries start running low. In the confusion, the smaller Throttlebots are able to use their size to evade the Predacons while Buster escapes to the Ark’s former home…and Ratbat sneaks along, damaging Goldbug and capturing Buster…but the message for help was sent.

What they got right: The Witwickys return. There aren’t as many coloring shortcuts. FINALLY Forsythe and Barnett realize there are sides here.

What they got wrong: How do the Autobot brain modules have fuel scents strong enough for Ratbat to track as well as he does? And Ratbat sneaking inside Buster’s radio (which he conveniently has) is fine, but how is the eject button the wrong button compared to the battery button? By that I mean since when does a boom box have a button on top of the radio for opening the battery compartment?

Other Notes: The signal sent here will be received by the Nebulan Autobots in the Headmasters comic, as we’ll be seeing. Buster’s brother, Spike, is namedropped here and I’ll explain that when he makes his debut in #38.

Recommendation: A good story that sets up the next story arc with the Headmasters. Worth getting if you’ve been following the story but this might be a decent jumping on spot as well.



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