Cartoon Network Action Pack #4

This time with an actual Juniper Lee story.

Cartoon Network Action Pack! #4

DC Comics (October, 2006)

Hold on to your hats, folks. This is a full load this issue. And no, I don’t know why issue #3 was skipped. Unless it’s hiding on me.
COLORS: Heroic Age
LETTERING: Studio 1137
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Rachel Gluckstern
EDITOR: Joan Hilty
Ben 10: “Fast Lane”
ARTIST: Dario Brizuela
The Rowdyruff Boys: “Snails Away!”
WRITER: Robbie Rusch
PENCILER: Christopher Cooli
INKER: Mike DeCarlo
Megas XLR: “Time Out”
PENCILER: John Delaney
INKER: Mike De Carlo
The Life & Time of Juniper Lee:” Egg-cellent”
WRITER: Judd Winick
PENCILER: Mike Kunkel
INKER: Millet Henson

Okay, we’re done now. The Megas and Rowdyruff Boys strips are kind of short.

The Ben 10 story is my favorite of the bunch. Our heroes go to a race track and Ben discovers one car is possessed with a ghost spirit that is driven to race. When he takes Gwen as a replacement “part”, Ben has to race him to get her back. Interesting to see Ben working that hard to rescue his cousin and I like the concept of the villain.

Just as the Powerpuff Girls were made from sugar, spice, and everything nice, the Rowdyruff Boys were made with the other half of the poem. Well, when the Boys get hit with road salt the snails escape and the Boys need to get them back inside. It’s okay for a short story, and it’s nice to see them carry a story without the Girls but it’s the weakest of the issue.

Megas’ tale is only two pages wrong, as Coop accidentally gets the time travel system going. For two pages he still manages to screw up all time and space. Figures. Fun story.

Our last story is from The Life And Times Of Juniper Lee. Long story short, Juniper protects the human world from the magical world only she and her family can see. In this tale, Juniper, her brother Ray Ray, and canine mentor Monroe, must rescue a dragon egg from a guy being forced to steal it. I would have liked to have seen June confront the guys making him steal the egg but there wasn’t time. A decent enough story otherwise.

Of the Action Pack issues I’ve reviewed this week, this is my favorite.  I enjoyed every story, even the weak one. It’s worth picking up.

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