TMNT Utrom Empire #3

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Utrom Empire #3


IDW Publishing (March, 2014)

WRITER: Paul Allor
ARTIST: Andy Kuhn
COLORIST: Bill Crabtree
COVER COLORIST: Daniel “Pez” Lopez
apparently Lopez wasn’t credited for coloring the other two Kuhn covers.
EDITOR: Bobby Curnow


We learn how the Utrom ended up in those glass tubes and Fugitoid actually covers for Baxter in the present, but not before getting a warning to allies he’s made, including the Ninja Turtles…and the Foot!

Part of this story takes place before the finale of “Northampton” and part after it.


What they got right: It all wraps up well, as we see how the Utrom came to where we are, a possibility that Krang’s dad DIDN’T get blown up (in case they decide to go that way), and a setup for a future storyline in the main series. Krang is how Man Of Steel Zod could have been done better.

What they got wrong: The main cover teases further appearances of the rebels and some interesting designs we won’t be seeing in this story.

Recommendation: A good finale and possibly a must-have to follow the main series. Although no moment stood out as a Best Scene nomination, it’s worth getting.


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