Their pain was mine.

Their pain was mine.

On the upside, missing all but five of the comics I wanted gave me a strip for this week. I was so disappointed that ended up not do that wrap-up on the Tumblr. Granted most of it would be me complaining about how horrible the “Future’s End” story was and how both Marvel comics were good. It’s like Marvel’s becoming DC and DC’s becoming Marvel. The Marvel tweets had me stopping during stories to comment. The DC story had….

Unless you’ve read it you don’t realize how badly it sucked. Good art, good writing, stupid premise that’s been done more than once in the past few years. DC must have the worst memories ever. I also picked up the Dark Horse offering, where I enjoyed the Avatar story even if the art didn’t match the show like the usual comics. This year’s Kaboom offering was rather week compared to last year’s sampler.

  • The Clutter Reports: I finally reviewed a GoBot in the “Transformers and GoBots” category. How many of you remember Road Ranger? By the way, I’ve updated the GoBot’s WonderCon panel article with a video recorded by Transformers news site The All-Spark,
  • Reviewers Unknown: If you missed it some time ago here at the Spotlight, Free Comic Inside returns to the Super Powers Collection for the Batman comic also featuring Robin and the Joker with a cameo by Wonder Woman.

Best Scene Of This Week’s Reviews

Godzilla: Rulers Of Earth #11

That's Mechagodzilla punching a monster. The bar is raised again, people!

That’s Mechagodzilla punching a monster. The bar is raised again, people!

I want to try and set up a Patreom account, but I have two more video projects at least that I need to have done to show off what I can do and what I can offer if people sponsor me. So for this week, barring some incident I really want to discuss, this will be a Filler Video Week until Friday (or longer if Fred has to take time off). This should bring some video content for the weekend.

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