Iron Man V2 #8 (HR)

“Just what I needed today, to be attacked by Billy Idol.”

Iron Man Vol. 2 #8

Marvel Comics (June, 1997)

“Rebel, Rebel”
WRITER: Jeph Loeb
PENCILER: Whilce Portacio
INKER: JD & Scott Williams
INK ASSISTS: Richard Friend, Armando Durruthy, & Peter Guzman
COLORIST: Martin Jimenex
LETTERER: Albert Deschesne
EDITOR: Rubien Diaz

It’s a huge battle between Iron Man and Rebel around the city. Pepper learns Liz has some major scarring. Jasper nearly kills Samson because he doesn’t bluff, but something in that mixture does something else to him. Hulk kidnaps Bruce’s cousin Jennifer. Back at the important story Tony figures out that Rebel really wants for Tony to kill him…and that he is some kind of cyborg now!

What they got right: I hope Pepper hits Jasper twice as hard as she did Liz, which was also nice to see. The important plot had a nice twist.

What they got wrong: I don’t CARE about the Hulk story. Was Jennifer introduced in one of the other comics and is this running through all of the Heroes Reborn titles? Was it that important that Doc Samson as we know him exist in the Reborn universe? Will someone just kill Sitwell already? And why is Sitwell Reborn written like this?

Recommendation: All of this extra crap thrown in really hurts the book and I really can’t recommend it to anyone because of it. That’s too bad because the important plot was kind of interesting.


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