RoboCop Versus The Terminator #3

How Frank Miller would have treated Hob.

RoboCop Versus The Terminator #3

Dark Horse (November, 1992)

WRITER: Frank Miller
ARTIST: Walter Simonson
COLORIST: Steve Oliff
LETTERER: John Workman
EDITOR: Randy Stradley

In the future the Terminators build spaceships to being their conquest of alien worlds as well. In the present, RoboCop seeks to thwart their plans by committing suicide. As the time matrix resets, two Terminators, disguised as a boy and dog, go back in time, not only stopping the suicide attempt but forcing him to merge with Skynet, creating the end of the world. However, a virtual copy of Alex Murphy escaped into the machine and after years creates his own RoboCop body to take out the Terminators.

What they got right: I like the design of the dog Terminator. There are some neat callbacks like having the restored humanity lift their fists the way the victorious Terminators did last issue, and the Terminators escaping into time the same way the soldier did in the first issue as the Terminators wiped out most of humanity.

What they got wrong: Miller decides that Murphy wants to commit suicide and always have since being turned into RoboCop and now uses this situation to convince his prime directives to allow him to do so. While it makes sense from one angle, it’s nothing we’ve ever seen in the movies and feels like a tacked-on part of Murphy that isn’t needed.

Recommendation: This is still a darn good crossover for fans of both franchises.


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