Astro Boy movie adaptation #4

Wait, I thought Toby was the dead one. Why is Tenma the ghost?

Astro Boy Official Movie Adaptation #4


IDW Publishing (September, 2009)

STORY: David Bowers
WRITERS: Timothy Hyde Harris & David Bowers
ADAPTATION: Scott & David Tipton
COVER ART: Gabriel Rodrigues
LETTERER: Neil Uyetake
EDITOR: Tom Waltz

The president wants Astro’s blue core but Tenma soon realizes that while this isn’t Toby he’s still a living being thanks to the core and helps him escape. The president is absorbed into the “Peacekeeper” when he tries to send it after Astro and plots to begin a war with the surface in the hopes of staying in office. However, with a little help from his friends, Astro saves the day and proves himself a hero, soon to be loved by all. Also, Cora’s parents finally contact her.

What they got right: The action was well done, as it not only showed what Astro can do in a fight but the people he’s met and touched (and touched him) along his journey.

What they got wrong: There’s no in-comic explanation for why the city fell from the sky.

Recommendation: Now this is what I like in my superhero adventures. Character growth, cool battles, and the hero becoming that hero, plus a happy ending all around. See this movie. The adaptation is at best an alternative if you can’t get the movie.


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