Ultraman Tiga #3

“Come on, boys. You’re too drunk to drive.”

Ultraman Tiga #3

Dark Horse (October, 2003)

originally published by Jade Dynasty

“Return Of The Warrior”
WRITER: Tony Wong
ADAPTATION: Ken Siu-Chong, Michelle Lee, &Thomas Andrews
ARTIST: Khod Fuk Lung
COVER ART: Mark Brooks & Arnold Tsang
LETTERING: Sno Cone Studios
DESIGNER: Darin Fabrich
EDITOR: Jeremy Barlow

Diago has to learn Tiga’s powers in the heat of battle, with the guidance of Yasure and the spirit of the other two Ultras showing him how to use them and warn him of his biotic sensor. (As fans know, the sensor warns an Ultraman that he doesn’t have much time left in Earth’s atmosphere and must return to human form or both human and Ultra will perish.) Tiga destroys Melba and Golza runs for it. Daigo is able to cover his being missing in the battle and is given the Spark Lens, his method of summoning the power of Tiga should the need arise again.

What they got right: The battle was fantastic. Watching Tiga take on the monsters was great to see and while part of me questions how the spirits stopped time but the powers were introduced well enough for me to enjoy it. Plus I like seeing what Diago is thinking, something we seldom get in the few Ultraman series I’ve watched and it worked better here than in either of the Harvey comics. The GUTS teams also feel like actual people as they watch Tiga fight and cheer the return of their lost member.

What they got wrong: There’s one line of dialog that could have been rewritten to make more sense. To activate his power shifting (“sky type” to increase his speed and “power type” to boost his strength) he makes a move with his arms, with more powers teased beyond the usual energy attack. Diago is told “once you’ve mastered this gesture”…what’s so hard about raising your arms up and thrusting them back down? “Once you’ve mastered these abilities” would have worked better.

Recommendation: Again, these three issues are a great introduction to Tiga and the Ultraman concept. You should track these down.


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