Godzilla #13 (Marvel)

I thought this one was named Rhiahn?

Godzilla #13

Marvel (August, 1978)

“The Mega Monsters From Beyond” part 2: “Triax”
WRITER: Doug Moench
PENCILER: Herb Trimpe
INKER: Fred Kida (back to the black & white “Essentials” for this issue)
COLORIST: Don Warfield
LETTERER: John Costanza
EDITOR: Jim Shooter

Triax and Godzilla arrive in front of Red Ronin. Godzilla and Rob are able to take the fight to Triax, who tries to move the fight to Salt Lake City. Then the Megans send in the other Mega-Monsters, Riahn and Krollar down to battle while the Betans try, and fail, to stop the Megans from using a power booster that will eventually kill the beasts. Before the boost Riahn is able to take down Red Ronin, leaving Godzilla alone with three Super Mega-Monsters!

What they got right: I like the designs of the Mega Monsters. While some don’t make a lot of biological sense (I’m looking at you, Riahn) they’re just cool enough to make a kid in the 70s very happy.

What they got wrong: So…the Betans trying to stop the Megans only to have their moon base damaged when their own ship crashed into the dome holing in their atmosphere. That was pointless.

Recommendation: This is what we want to see in a Godzilla comic. The story concludes next week (and I’m back to the actual issue) and I’m looking forward to the ending.


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