Revelation The Comic Book #5

“Either I’m drunk or I have the wrong horse.”

Revelation: The Comic Book #5

Drawn Near Art Studios (1996)

COVER ART: Eugene Bak

It’s at this point that I have to wonder if John is even aware of the side stories in this version. We keep going back and forth between the two, making it hard to care about Benjamin, who is looking for his parents (I believe it’s hinted that it’s Esau and Naomi, but I could be wrong. We know one of the names she calls out for in the ruins of the city is “Benny” and she has a baby in her arms so time has passed and she is not only separated from Yakov, as seen last issue, but Esau as well.) However, an angel leads him away.

Before then we see a man dieing in the desert. Maybe it’s a vision or maybe a hallucination but a crow spits out a bunch of bugs that turn the guy into a skeleton who is still begging for help and suddenly he’s okay again and found by the two prophets. Again, did John see this? The prophets are supposed to be the ones from John’s vision and this imagery would seem out-of-place in the analog story. Then again, the analog story sees Jesus take out a helicopter with a sword, which means all bets may be off. Also, it’s the awesomest thing I’ve ever seen in a comic, religious bias or not.

The helicopter comes from the UN’s army, as they launch a “no survivors” strike on Israel until Jesus’ army shows up. I think Bak got a bit repetitive with the soldiers of different strikes saying “no survivors” as if we can’t figure out this is a slaughter of the Jews, but if he was trying to freak us out about how evil the non-believers have become at this point thanks to the Antichrist, mission accomplished.

I’m starting to think this would have been better off doing either the strict adaptation or the story of people experiencing it, however. Both stories have greater potential standing along that mixed together. Still this may be the best issue of the miniseries from a non-religious comics standpoint, if only for Jesus versus helicopter. 😀

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