Godzilla #14 (Marvel)

Wait, did they decapitate Rob, too?

Godzilla #14

Marvel Comics (September, 1978)

“Mega Monsters” part 2: “The Super-Beasts”
WRITER: Doug Moench
PENCILER: Herb Trimpe
INKER: Dan Green
COLORIST: Don Warfield
LETTERER: Shelly Lefferman
EDITOR: Bob Hall

With Red Ronin down (and Rob hurt but not seriously), Godzilla alone must face the three supercharged Mega-Monsters while the Betan force dies in their damaged moonbase. With some surprise help from Dum Dum and Gabe’s distraction tactics Godzilla is able to defeat each monster one by one. Even as the Betan force dies the Megan force, having lost, decides maybe they’re tired of war with the Betans and Dum Dum gains some respect for Godzilla.

What they got right: Enemies putting their differences away. I like that. The Megans decide they’re done with this and Dum Dum is starting to think Gabe and Rob are right about Godzilla. I can go for that. The fight is well done, and I love saying that about a Godzilla comic.

What they got wrong: Part of me wanted to see Red Ronin in this fight, too.

Recommendation: Another fantastic Godzilla monster battle worth picking up for any kaiju fan. This is how you give the King Of The Monsters an American twist. (I still haven’t seen the new movie.)

Next week we go back to the black and white reprints for a while.


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