New Avengers Transformers #1

When Optimus Prime throws his might Captain America…..

New Avengers/Transformers #1

Marvel/IDW (September, 2007)

“Man & Machine” part 1
WRITER: Stuart Moore
PENCILER: Tyler Kirkham
INKER: Sal Regla
COLORIST: Annette Kwok
COVER ARTISTS: Jim Cheung, Mark Morales, & Justin Ponsor
LETTERER: Todd Klein
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Alejandro Arbona
EDITOR: Bill Rosemann

At SHIELD’s request Captain America, Wolverine, Luke Cage, and Spider-Man investigate strange readings near the Latverian/Symkarian border. Latveria has been bombing their neighbor and Symkaria now has the nuke. Also, the group seems to be fighting amongst themselves as they enter the source of the structure…and a car captures Spider-Man! More Avengers show up (minus Iron Man, who is working on something). The car is a Decepticon, and Megatron has plans for Spider-Man. When the Autobots arrive to help the Avengers’ first act is to attack the Autobots!

What they got right: I often complain about heroes attacking heroes (a staple of ANY Marvel team-up but I’d be lying if I didn’t enjoy Cap tossing his shield into Wolverine’s face) and how Autobots in comics usually get attacked by the good guys. At least we have a good excuse here. I also like how the Autobots and Megatron seem to be based on their classic designs. like Moore’s writing of these characters (although they’re not acting like themselves) than any of Bendis’ renditions.

What they got wrong: Is this supposed to be Marvel continuity? IDW’s? Neither? I would think the third one so I wouldn’t have minded a reference to The Transformers #3, where Spidey actually teamed with the Autobots. (We do get what I’m calling an homage in one of the later issues.) The Transformers barely show up in this issue but they’ll have a stronger presence as we move on. My biggest issue, however, is how dark the coloring is but that’s nothing new in comics lately.

Other notes: This came out around the time of first live-action Transformers movie. I’m guessing Marvel wanted to gain the potential promotion by getting involved with this crossover although they lost the license a very long time ago.

Recommendation: A good start to the storyline. It’s worth looking into.

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