Heroes Reborn The Return #4

Or until the next event story.

Heroes Reborn: The Return #4


Marvel Comics (December, 1997)

“Fourth & Goal”
WRITER: Peter David
PENCILER: Salvador Larroca
INKER: Scott Hanna
COLORIST: Steve Bucellato
LETTERER: Kolja Fuchs
EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

The reborn heroes gather, leaving loved ones behind. However, Doom is convinced that he can stop the Celestials using Franklin’s power and decides to kidnap the boy and make his way back to Reborn Earth. Thor rescues Franklin by sacrificing himself and transporting himself and Doom to another dimension. Meanwhile, Doctor Strange has managed to talk the Celestials into helping and Ashema becomes the new protector of the Reborn universe, a new experiment as they watch how one of their own is affected by human beings.

What they got right: Ending the Reborn universe. I think I’ve demonstrated how terrible these comics were and bringing them home was a good idea. Everyone says good bye in their own way and it works, since both Cap and Falcon have to leave the new Bucky behind and Tony has to part ways with Pepper. Guess which lady beds which hero?

What they got wrong: I know this is addressed (but I’m fuzzy on the details) in a future comic but it was Teen Tony of another Earth that fought Onslaught but now we’re getting back regular Tony. Did someone see a way to bring the “real” Tony Stark back or was Peter David unaware of the major change in Iron Man’s status?

Recommendation: This wasn’t a huge character-driven narrative although we see some growth by Ashema so there’s your character development. Doom and Thor’s fate would be chronicled later on. As a whole it’s not a bad story and a proper sendoff to a good idea poorly executed. However, unless you followed any of the Reborn titles or the main Marvel universe around this time it’s not a must-have story.


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