Okay, I'm exaggerated a little. The hands shouldn't be segmented.

Okay, I’m exaggerated a little. The hands shouldn’t be segmented.

This was in USA Today, where I obtained the original image from. Dave Johnson remade Franken Berry and Terry & Rachel Dodson gave new life to Count Chocula. (I guess Fruity Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brute are out of the picture again.) I don’t eat these kinds of cereal but I wonder why they’re only Halloween releases now. They used to be on the shelves all of the time in my youth. Brent Schoonover will be doing comic strips on the back of the box. If it’s a cereal you enjoy, that sounds like a fun job. I wonder if they could bring back the Cheerios Kid and Sue? I could work on that. Or maybe that guy from the Chex Quest game since Rice Chex doesn’t have an official mascot?

  • The Clutter Reports: An old “Scanning My Collection” article in which Supergirl promotes the use of seat belts…through her boyfriend’s coma nightmares about killing his sister in a car accident. Fun time for everyone!
  • Reviewers Unknown: Before RU shuts down I had the chance to introduce them to my “Trope Shark” series, with the “jumping the shark” trope that brought the idea of tropes into the near-mainstream.

Best Scene Of This Week’s Reviews

Adventures Of Superman #15

"Greetings. I am Meteor."

“Greetings. I am Meteor.”

I didn’t get to the comic store on time. Again. So I’m thinking old comics until I get there (hopefully Monday). I had a last-minute schedule change on Saturday and it kind of screwed things up. I’m also hoping to get back to a video creating schedule but job hunting continues.

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